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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Introduction to OSGi(Java Modular)

OSGi Alliance is the governing body of this stranded and it was started at 1999. their initial goal was create open stranded for network devices. Based on this idea this specification introduced for Java also. Eclipse was first in Java. they introduced OSGi based Eclipse IDE at 2004 June.
OSGi is way to define dynamic module in java. There are main three OSGi container implemented for Java,such as Apache Felix, Eclipse Equinox and Knopflefish.

Why OSGi? Because OSGi provide ability to divided application in to multiple module and those module easy to manage with other dependencies. other than that is very easy to install, update,stop and delete module without stop engine(Ex: Tomcat web application container). We can have multiple version of implementation with effecting to other references.

There are main 3 layers in web based Java framework(Presentation , Business layer and  DAO layer). There we can divide it into three OSGi based module. then we can very easily fixed bug in one layer with out effecting to others and restarting our Web container. Just we need to update out module.

in OSGi world output is bundle, it can be either Jar or War file. A bundle consists of Java classes and other resources that with some additional metadata (providing services and packages to other bundles).

I am going to use Eclipse IDE for create my first bundle. Because Eclipse IDe has built in Equinox container(every eclipse plugins are OSGi bundles) .